Saturday, July 20, 2013

Product Review: L'Oreal Visible Lift CC Cream

L'Oreal, we keep on trying to make things work, but I just don't know what to do with you anymore. I fear you've got me off to a rough start into the world of CC creams, and I'm far from happy. To be completely honest, the only reason I'm not furious is because I got this for less than half price. And, you know, it's just makeup in the end.

Or is it?

The absolute biggest gripe I have with this product is the marketing, or lack thereof. I bought this thinking I would be getting a product in the same vein as BB creams. Basically, all I was expecting was light coverage with some benefits for my skin.

However, you can't even begin to put this in the same category as BB creams, or even tinted moisturizers. There is, quite literally, zero coverage. I'm curious as to why this isn't in the skincare aisle rather than with the makeup, to be honest, as it seems like it's more or less just meant to be a treatment. Perhaps it could be a makeup base, but probably not.

You see, it made me look like I had been using a grease trap as a spa treatment. I'm sure L'Oreal was going for a dewy finish, but it looked more like I had been been smearing a fistful of margarine all over my face.

I would be remiss if I forgot to mention the smell. By all that is mighty, the smell. It's a cross between bug spray and strong sunscreen. I was honestly afraid to put it on my face, for fear of a headache or causing a headache to anyone that came within two feet of me. It's just plain stinky. I wouldn't be surprised if it's effective against mosquitoes.

So, I don't know, if you want $13 margarine-grade mosquito repellent for your face, I guess--Actually, just don't. Just don't even bother.

I tried to find something nice to say, but that just isn't going to happen.

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  1. Ugh, what a disappointment! It's crazy how little difference there is in your hand color between the before and after photos. WTH, L'oreal?

    1. I know, right? It's equal parts mystifying and annoying.